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SUGARMATHS™ - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I change the FB account tied to SUGARMATHS™?

Yes. Click on "more" and click on Log off to log off from SUGARMATHS™.

Log off from your facebook app and log into the account you want to tie up with SUGARMATHS™. Once you have logged into your facebook app with the correct account, open the SUGARMATHS™ app. This will automatically tie up your SUGARMATHS™ app with your correct facebook account.

2. Can I change class once the academic year is over?

Yes. You can access content for any class once the account is upgraded and also have the option to change class whenever you want.

3. Where can I call for help?

You can call +9866726545 ( Monday to Saturday 9 Am to 9 Pm ) or email

4. How do I change info in my certificate?

Once a belt is achieved the certificate is displayed. In case you like to change your info click on the "Edit Info" button in the menu on the right side of the certificate.

5. How can I see all the certificates I have achieved?

Click on your profile pic to invoke your Profile.
Click on "Belts achieved" to see all the certificates achieved.

6. Where can I see all the virtual gifts that I have purchased?

Click on your profile pic to invoke your Profile.
Click on "Virtual Gifts" to see all the gifts you have purchased.

7. Why does the topic get locked after completing one belt?

Once a belt is achieved in a particular topic it gets locked. The next unlock date is displayed on the topic. This gap is essential to maintain optimal gap between consecutive revisions. You can continue practice by opening other topics. click here to learn more.

8. How many belts are there?

There are 9 belts per topic. White, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, red, brown, black.

9. What is the vKast Technique?

vKast stands for Variable Keystone Active Space Technique. This is based on neuroscience of learning and helps in providing optimum practice to develop maths skills will least amount of time and effort required.

What syllabus does SUGARMATHS™ cover?

Maths is a global subject. We focus more on concepts. We cover all topics from CBSE, ICSE and State Boards.

Do you offer a trial version for SUGARMATHS™?

Yes, you can access SUGARMATHS™ without purchasing it. Students can play one free topic in each chapter.

Can I cancel my membership whenever I want?

Absolutely. You are free to cancel your membership whenever you want. You will no longer be charged once you cancel your membership.

Can I change my child's class when he/she gets promoted to next class?

Yes. You can update the class information whenever your child gets promoted to the next class.

I have two children. Should I sign up separately for each of them?

Yes. You need to sign up separately for each of your children.

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